A Flyer Saved My Business

I own a new pizza parlor in town. I thought that the customers would be rushing in every day when I first opened for a few reasons. The main one is because the pizza is the best in the area. I let customers create what kind of crust, sauce and toppings they want, so they are getting exactly what they want. I guess my advertising was not great though, but that changed when I tried a company that does Singapore door to door flyer distribution. Not only did this company print my flyers but they distributed them door to door too.

I knew I had to design the flyers so they would attract the customer’s attention as soon as it was handed to them. That is why I made a big coupon on it so people could see that if they presented the flyer to me at my shop, they would get either 50 percent off of one pizza or two free appetizers with the purchase of two pizzas. There is no other pizza parlor in the area making an offer that even comes close to this one, and I figured I would see what happens by just leaving it at that.

Well, the flyers were distributed, and I had more orders than I could almost handle. Thankfully, i had brought on extra help and I also made sure I had an abundance of ingredients on hand. Even though the wait time did get long at times, everyone was understandable about it. Those flyers really made the difference between having a lot of free time at my pizza parlor and having to forgo a break because it was just too busy. The flyers were such a success that I am thinking of having another promotion soon just to show my gratitude to my local customers.


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