The Company’s Bottom Line Has Improved

April 18th, 2017

When I first heard that my boss wanted to have several of us take a Verkooptraining class on sales, I was not really sure what to think about it. I fully support whatever he wants to do to improve business, but I just was not sure that this was going to be as successful as he thought it would be. The main reason was because the course is just a few days long. I know people who have gone to university to learn about sales strategies, and they had to learn a lot more than three days worth of things!

Anyway, I decided to give it a go, because as I said, I do support him. What I found out was he is the boss for a reason. I knew he had researched this training company out, but I still thought I knew better. It turns out that I learned a lot from this class, and my own sales records have skyrocketed since I started implementing the sales strategies and other things that I learned while taking the training class with a few other colleagues. Read the rest of this entry »


They Built a Beautiful Fire Pit

March 30th, 2017

Finding a company that does masonry in Nassau County NY was just the first step my wife and I took in installing a beautiful outdoor fire pit. We had a temporary one set up out there over the last few years and didn’t care for it. For one thing, a stiff wind seemed to knock the thing over on more than one occasion and that was a scary concern because it could start the house on fire if someone wasn’t out there watching it. We wanted something more permanent that would be much safer and also much prettier.

We also wanted to install a paved patio out there with the fire pit built into it. Read the rest of this entry »


Getting Songs from an Online Site

March 2nd, 2017

Music is such an important part of my life. I grew up listening to it at home with my parents, who are huge music fans. They love all kinds of genres, which I also appreciate. I don’t like being boxed into one genre for anything, whether it is music, TV, friends or anything else. When my parents were younger, they had to go out and buy the music they wanted or call radio stations with song requests. I am so glad that I don’t have to do that thanks to websites like oMP3x where I can download all the music that I want.

My folks told me that when they were my age, they had to go to the record stores to buy albums or cassette tapes. I can’t even imagine that, especially with the prices that they told me they paid. Read the rest of this entry »


My Daughter Likes How She Looks Now

February 27th, 2017

When my daughter came to me about best breast enlargement pills, my heart broke for her. She was 23 years old at the time, and I knew exactly what she was feeling because she inherited her body type from me. The women on her father’s side were all blessed with large breasts, so I was really hoping she would take after them as she got older. As luck would have it, she took after me. I have always had small breasts too, and it used to bother me a good bit. As I get older though, I like who I am.

I knew that it would take my daughter decades to get to the same point, if she took after me that way too. Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Area of Town to Live in Has an Affordable Price

January 29th, 2017

There are a lot of new west midtown Atlanta apartments that have been cropping up in the past few years. For many years, I felt that midtown in the city would be a great place for people to be able to live so that they can remain close to the rest of the city and downtown at the same time. There’s a lot of traffic in our city, and many of us have long needed an area of the city to live that would help make commuting time much shorter. This is actually something that is becoming more popular in many large urban areas.

A person might think that it’s not that big of a deal to move to a major metropolitan city. And it really isn’t a big deal to mot poeple, but it was for my wife and because who came from a much smaller town. But this is only because of how much time we were spending on the road daily. Where I live before, it would only take me about 15 minutes even though our city. Read the rest of this entry »


Having a Little Fun at a Site Where You Can Print Fake Check Stubs

January 5th, 2017

I have had a lot of fun goofing with my friends over the years, especially the nosy ones. You know them because you have friends like them too. They are the ones you know are looking in your medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and they would listen to your voicemail if they had your password. It is okay to have a nosy friend, but you have to keep them on their toes. If they like to gossip, then my little prank is even better. I found a place online that does fake check stubs that look just like the real thing. I do photography and onsulting work, but it just pays the bills. It does not allow for any real extravagance. However, my nosy friends, there are two, really are interested in how much I make.

I had a party at my place last week. I have an office in my apartment, and I left some files conveniently out on my desk. It is almost tax time, so the fake check stubs looked perfectly natural on my desk. I printed a bunch of ones from different companies they could look up. Read the rest of this entry »


The Irony of Storm Damage

September 16th, 2016

When Hurricane Sandy came through a few years ago and barely did any damage to our house or yard, I felt very fortunate. When a small storm came through last year and lightning struck one of our trees, I still felt fortunate since no one got hurt, but I did see the irony in it too. A storm that causes major damage in the billions does little to us, and a small storm that most people were probably unaware of had us calling a company that does tree removal in Nassau County after the storm was over.

I explained to the person who answered the phone that lightning had struck one of our trees, and that it had split down the middle. Part of the tree was still standing, and the other half was laying on the ground. I was really worried that someone was going to get hurt on it because a lot of kids use our yard as a short cut to get to different places, and I was worried that the tree might prove to be a temptation particularly to the boys. Read the rest of this entry »


Costs for Installing a New Roof

September 16th, 2016

We had a crazy thunderstorm that hit my neighborhood earlier this week, and it did quite a bit of damage in general, and unfortunately, it did some damage to my house in particular. One of the larger trees in the yard fell down during the storm, and of all of the places it could have landed, it fell on the house. Now I have to hire a roof installation in Queens NY because from what I can tell, the damage is too extensive to just have it repaired. Read the rest of this entry »


Best Design Schools Cheap Tuition

September 5th, 2016

My son has always been very good at design and art, and even though I used to want him to be an engineer or a doctor, I have realized that there is no usae to push him in a direction that is not going to lead to success and happiness. Rather, I am looking for a design school for him to attend, because I know that is what he is going to be happiest with, and that is the career path which will most likely lead to success for him.

Anyway, I do want him to go to a school design school, but at the same time, I must make sure that his school is not too expensive. Read the rest of this entry »


The Heat Gets More Intense

May 25th, 2016

When the heat in NYC hits you, you can really feel it. Sometimes it’s so hot that it feels like I’m living in some tropical country near the equator. If you have a broken air conditioner or no air conditioner at all, it feels even worse. The heat smothers you and bakes you like a chicken in an oven. I felt this heat last year when my air conditioner stopped working. There was nothing I could do for it, so I got air conditioning replacement in NYC. Some cheapskates try to stick it out in the heat, but I wasn’t going to deal with that.

Since it was hot outside, I decided to do an experiment while the new air conditioner was being installed. Read the rest of this entry »


Slowly Getting Interior Remodeling in Bergen County NJ

January 9th, 2014

Bathroom Remodeling | Bath Remodeling | Indianapolis | CarmelWe bought this house at a great price because the interior really needed updating. We lived in it three years saving money to make it the home of our dreams. It is a bigger home than what we could have afforded if it was all modern inside. Buying the home to have the infrastructure to update later was a smart move for our growing family. The older kids did not like it at first, but once we hired someone who does interior remodeling in bergen county nj to begin redoing rooms, they like it a lot better.

We got a new living room first. It was followed by kitchen renovation and a new bathroom on the first floor. We then moved the work upstairs. Read the rest of this entry »


Got Just Enough Money to Make Through the Winter

January 15th, 2014

Roofing Contractors | Dover, PA | Our CompanyI really did not like spending my summer working for that roofing contractor in manhattan ny, but I got just enough money to make through the winter as it turned out. At the time I was thinking that I would end up having to leave Fordham and raise some more money before I got my degree, but it was sort of a break for me in more ways than one. When I was working for the roofing contractor I got to know his sister and she is a real estate agent, in fact a pretty good one I guess. She kept calling me up and offering me jobs like helping people move. Read the rest of this entry »


Great Place to Get the Needed Software

January 13th, 2015

Mac Barcode Scanner Software DownloadLooking for the best scanning software is not as easy as you might think. I guess I should explain, see I have an older printer that has scanning software but it wasn’t working on Facebook and Instagram. These are two places I wanted to start to upload all of my pictures of my new life. I had just graduated from college and got my first job and moved into my first apartment and wanted to share my new life with my family and friends. I went online and starting searching. I did a Google search for software and found .

I know some people would find it a little silly for me to want to share my life with so many people. But I keep my friend list pretty tight, so I am basically just showing these photos to family and close friends. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to reconnect with family and friends that I have lost contact with over the years. That is the best thing about Facebook, being able to find out about how your family and friends are quicker than ever before.

But since my old printer was not really cooperating with me I was going to need new software. I know I could have just bought a new printer, but after just getting my new job after college I was trying to save all the money I could. I looked at a few websites, but everything I downloaded didn’t seem to work for my printer. I was about to give up, when I found your website. I downloaded the software not really expecting it to work, but to my surprise it worked perfect. Now I am able to use my printer not just to print the occasional confirmation letter, but I can use the scanner to scan all of my photos of my new life.


A New Step into the Future

January 13th, 2015

As a businessman, I have to do what it takes to make sure my company runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I must make the hard choices to ensure that my clients continue to support my brand. I am the owner of a multi-national corporation that specializes in snack foods. My company produces snacks such as cookies, chips, cakes, and drinks. My snacks are not like the others. They are healthy snacks. My company has been losing money. I need more efficiency. I am going to purchase more osprey case packers for my factories. Hopefully, this will increase efficiency.

Most of my factories do not have excessive automation. Most of my factories have human employees. Read the rest of this entry »


Battle with the Bed Bugs

September 6th, 2015

Years ago, bed bugs were all over the air waves. Every time you turn on the news, there was a report about a bed bug infestation. I though there was n chance that my home would ever get bed bugs, but I was mistaken. One random day, I noticed a bed bug crawling on my bed. Those tiny devils had made their way into my home somehow, and I was laying with them. I immediately called bed bug control in NYC and hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t have to get rid of all of my belongings or move to a new home.

The pest control workers determined that I didn’t have to move permanently, nor did I have to get rid of my belongings, but I did have to stay away from my home for a couple of days while the bugs died. I also had to thoroughly clean all of my clothes and put plastic bags over everything to suffocate any remaining bugs that may have tried to hide from the pesticides. It takes a lot of work to make sure that bed bugs are completely gone. Any misstep in the eradication procedure could cause the bed bugs to reproduce, and I would be back at square one all over again.

During my stay in the hotel, I caught up on some reading. There was one science fiction book that I was reading where the people in a town were acting strangely, and it turns out that their minds had been taken over by parasitic bugs. That was the last thing that I wanted to read after my incident with the bed bugs. I switched to a different book about a crime boss. I haven’t seen any bed bugs since the pest control people sprayed my home, and I’ve taken care to make sure that more can’t get in on any stray fibers.


An Orange Rug for My Husband

May 16th, 2016

My husband’s favorite color is orange, so I wanted to get him an orange rug for his study. The one he had in there was brown, which was the closest he could come to the color he wanted. I thought it would be easy to get him the orange rug, but my task was a bit harder than I anticipated. None of the local home decor stores had the right color, so I went online to see if I could find any orange rugs for sale that were in the local area as I did not want to pay a fortune in shipping to have it delivered.

When I found The Rug Store, I knew that I had found the right store for us. The thing that really surprised me with this online store is just how many different kinds of rugs they have. Read the rest of this entry »


Talking to a Real Psychic

October 25th, 2016

When I was a kid, there was a woman who came on television who gave psychic readings through the phone. She would encourage people to call her as fast as possible to find out what lies in their future. I wanted to call, but my parents wouldn’t let me because they didn’t want to pay for the phone charge. I a promise to myself that I would get physic phone readings when I became older. Now that I have my own job, I can afford to pay for a reading from a psychic. Unfortunately, the woman who gave the readings when I was a kid no longer gives them, so I had to find someone else to do it.

I found another promising psychic after a little searching. Other people seemed to really like the readings that the psychic was giving out. Many of them had been skeptics of the whole psychic reading phenomenon, but once they got their readings, they became believers. Read the rest of this entry »


The Dream of Owning a Home Finally Came to Be for Me

October 2nd, 2016

Getting a house seemed impossible for me for the many years that I dreamed of having one. I watched as friends got married and then had the ability to buy a house with their spouse. I am single, so it seemed to be an impossibility to me. I never gave hope, and one day luck came to my door by way of being the first person to learn about a house for sale that needed an extreme amount of love. The only thing needed in order to move in was to get an electrician in Passaic County NJ to come in and rewire a lot of things in the house so that I could use the electricity properly. I moved in as-is after that.

When I learned about the house, I just happened to be out to lunch with a very close friend who sells real estate. She and I had not had a chance to catch up in many years because she was so busy. We lost touch after she got married and went on to quickly have two children. As soon as she was able to, she then got her real estate license and threw herself into selling homes when she wasn’t busy with her kids and husband. Getting caught up was great, and made even better when she heard I was looking for a place but felt I couldn’t afford one. She quickly told me of the little house that I now have that wasn’t even on the market yet.

When I went to tour the house with my friend, I knew immediately that I needed to be the buyer. The place needed so much work, but there was no way that I would be so lucky to be the first to learn of another place like that. Now that I’ve moved in, I am working on projects throughout the place a little by little and it is very gratifying.


Finding a Better Balance Between Family and School Was a Must

September 24th, 2016

I knew that I could do my work well at school, but I had to spend a lot of time helping my mom at home a lot. This really took up a lot of time when I needed to be doing my school homework. Feeling desperate, I began searching online to find out what other students due when they are behind in school. The site at was one of the sites that many students discussed again and again as a good resource when you need extra help in school. I did not want to flunk out, and I needed to stay on schedule for an upcoming internship, so I figured I would use their services. I had a long road ahead of me and needed the help.

My mom has some cognitive issues that she suffered after having a stroke about 10 years ago. It really affected her in a lot of ways. Read the rest of this entry »


Love Poems to Win a Girl’s Heart

September 2nd, 2016

There is this girl in one of my classes that I have had a crush on for quite a long time, and recently I started to make my move. I think she kind of likes me too, but I think I need to do more to show her that I really like her, in order to get her to actually go out with me. I am trying to make a really good romantic gesture to win her over and so I am looking up love poems for her on the internet to see if I can find one or two that will really work well for the purpose I have in mind. Read the rest of this entry »


Getting Legal Transcription Done in a Hurry

May 20th, 2016

We had about an hour of video that needed to be transcribed before court was in session Monday morning. Our staff was gone for the weekend, and I guess was smart enough not to answer when they saw work was calling. We normally outsource transcription, but it was to an agency with regular hours. I found a new place that would have your legal documents transcribed when it was urgent in about four hours. I had to contact them. It was late and there were people ready and willing to do the work. I got them the video, and they sent back perfectly transcribed dialogue of the video that I could print out. They pride themselves on running a paperless business. Everything was handled online. It was quick and easy. Read the rest of this entry »